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VP450P serie

The Rangee Zero Client VP450P is used to access virtual desktops which are addessed from the VMware log PCoIP, as well as the Rangee Z-VP250P-VDI. The product works with the Teradici Tera2140 PCoIP processor which ensures a perfect reproduction of the session content. Even more advanced applications can be significantly optimized by the excellent image processing.

Equipped with four DVI graphic output, it offers the possibility to use four monitors simultaneously up to a resolution of 2650x1600 in dualhead mode and 1920x1200 in quadhead mode.

One model

    Processor   RAM   Flash/DOM
Z-VP450P-VDI   Teradici Tera2140 PCoIP   512 MB DDR3
  32 MB   -   -   514,00€ excl. VAT.
611,66€ incl. VAT.