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Welcome to Rangee - The ThinKing Company

Rangee GmbH has been founded in 2004 in Aachen, on the neighbourhood of the famous RWTH university of Aachen an close to the Netherlands and Belgium , in the heath of Europe. Rangee is a german manufacturer of Thin Clients und Zero Clients with Linux and Windows operating system. The company offers a wide product range, including PC Converter/USB Bootstick All-in-One Thin Clients,Laptop Thin Clients and Remote Management Software.

Rangee offers besides standard terminals also custom solution for special applications. The All-in-One thin clients are available for waterproof environment in production area and especially for medical area also with DIN ESN60601 certification.

The inhouse software development works on a Rangee OS, a linuxbased thin client operating system, Rangee Windows Kommbox, a management software client for Windows operating systems and the Thin Client Management Server (TCMS), plus additional applications für the thin client environment.

Rangee also offers accessories, like a secure 2-Faktor Authentication with use of Smartcard or RFID Token . Enjoy Videoconferences with Teams, Webex, Zoom and others with premium sound quality with Webcam Soundbar.

For many years Rangee is partnering with Teradici and offer besides the Rangee branded PCoIP Zero Clients the whole product range of the canadian Zero Client market leader and PCoIP inventor. This product range includes also Workstation Hostcards, Cloud Access und Cloud Access Plus and related subscription products, like Desktop Access Subscription

Service and support are also provided entirely from Germany - so individual customer requests can be implemented quickly and in the best possible way. In doing so, we offer comprehensive support that also includes the customer's working environment.

As a partner of numerous well-known manufacturers, including Datev, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, Rangee has access to all the necessary tools and know-how required for efficient operation and maintenance of applications. In addition to the best known remote desktop clients Citrix Workspace, VMware Horizon View and Windows Terminal Server, Rangee supports a variety of other vendors, such as Amazon Workspaces or ThinLinc.

Rangee solutions help enterprises build secure and efficiently managed VDI environments. Rangee customers include companies from all industries, research institutions and many city and district administrations.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:
by email: dboeker@rangee.com or
by phone: +49 (0)1792666949

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Daniel Böker

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