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Rangee Hardware Service

Rangee offers hardware services for devices outside the warranty period. Usually only one component is defective and can be repaired or replaced with little effort. A repaired device receives an additional year of manufacturer warranty from the date of repair. This saves resources, reduces the burden on the environment and saves costs.

Rangee device check (part no. 150 000 03)

  • Concerns: devices out of warranty
  • Devices are reported by the customer with error message and serial number:
    - via email : support@rangee.com
    - via the RMA form
  • Rangee will create a RMA case with a cost estimate for the inspection.
  • The customer sends the devices with the RMA number to Rangee headquarter.
  • Rangee will inspect the equipment for defects and provide a cost estimate for repair.
  • Costs of the equipment inspection will be charged even if the repair is not successful.
  • If the repair is not successful, Rangee will send the devices to the desired address or dispose of the devices free of charge.
  • Costs: from 25,00 € net / device


Rangee device repair (part no. 150 000 02)

  • Concerns: devices out of warranty
  • Prerequisite: Equipment has been inspected, cost estimate was made and repair ordered by the customer.
  • Rangee will repair the equipment according to the cost estimate.
  • The costs for device testing and repair will be charged after shipment.
  • Costs: from 27,00 € net / device
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