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Company values

If you are wondering whether Rangee also fits you “humanly”, we would like to introduce you to our company values:

Customer Orientation

Thin Clients are a combination of reliable and powerful Thin Client hardware, hardened and flexible Thin Client software and secure and intuitive Thin Client management software. Due to their individual processes, every customer has a clear idea of which functions are necessary and suitable for the application. A Thin Client solution is a complex composition that has to meet different requirements. The Thin Client solution must offer low Total-Cost-of-Owwnership (TCO), deliver all necessary applications for the workstation, and avoid management overhead and administration on each individual device. Rangee Support helps customers set up and operate the devices. Questions and ideas arise during this process. These are examined in detail for optimization measures. In this way, a single customer’s requirement can be turned into new products and features for all Rangee customers, further increasing the value of the overall solution.


For the future of our children only sustainable products should be used. Rangee product development in the areas of hardware and software has the goals of resource conservation in manufacturing and environmental conservation in operation.


Sustainable hardware development is shown by the fact that the materials are easily reusable and have the lowest possible plastic content. For this reason, Rangee products have been supplied predominantly with metal housings for years now. This can be completely separated and reused in the recycling process. The next step is a permanent housing solution in which the central unit can be replaced in no time at all using slide-in technology.
This significantly reduces electrical waste and makes workstation equipment also more flexible for the end customer and easier to calculate as a service model. The performance and equipment of the units is designed and dimensioned for operation over a period of up to 10 years.


The Rangee software is modular and has been adapted to all developments over the years. Customers who purchase the products can use the continuous development for life at no additional cost or rent it as a service model for a specific period of time.


Rangee solutions are characterized by innovative ideas, which are based on the tasks and requirements of the customers. The modular firmware design ensures that all devices can be upgraded with the latest software developments, allowing the products to be adapted to new challenges at any time.

These innovations include, for example:

– Rangee SIP: integration of a softphone solution, making the Thin Client usable for remote desktop as well as a telephony client. With RangeeSIP, you remain reachable by phone at any location via your remote desktop.

– Rangee 2-factor authentication with smart card or RFID token: Usually authentication methods use only one factor, the user password. For a secure authentication you need however always 2 factors, which must be used independently of each other and a authentication is made possible only in combination of both. Through the 2-factor authentication with smart card or RFID token, Rangee Thin Clients offer maximum security even before the remote desktop logon.

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