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Gut-DĂ€mme-Str. 11
52070 Aachen
Rangee GmbH © 2023


Ulrich Mertz
CEO & Founder
Ulrich is founder, owner and general manager of Rangee GmbH.
Thomas Brejza
Management Assistant
Thomas manages the administration of Rangee GmbH. This includes tasks from internal sales, purchasing and procurement and general tasks. As representative for data protection and quality management he also takes over organizational tasks in these areas.
Daniel Böker
Sales Manager
Daniel leads the sales team and is responsible for the sales of Rangee GmbH. He is also in charge of newsletter and social media activities.
Benedikt RĂŒtten
Sales Assistant
Benedikt supports the sales team of Rangee.
Michelle Delack
Apprentice / Sales & Marketing
Michelle is a apprentice in the sales and marketing department of Rangee GmbH.
Alexander Feese
Technical Staff / Production, RMA & Hardware
Alexander is responsible fpr our in-house production (Technical Staff).
Tobias Wintrich
Systems Engineer / Support
As a Systems Engineer, Tobias is head of our support. He also gives trainings and workshops for our customers.
Paul Dinglinger
Test engineer / Support
Paul is a dedicated enthusiats for firmware and software testing and customer support.
René Vögeli
Senior Systems Engineer
René is a software engineer and leads the software development.
Stefan Hucko
Systems Engineer
Stefan also represents an elementary part of our development as Systems Engineer. He is the inventor of RangeeSIP, the first and only softphone client for thin client/remote desktop infrastructure.
Jens AhlschlÀger
Systems Engineer
Jens enriches the Rangee GmbH team as a Systems Engineer. He is responsible for development of software modules, like RDP/RDS, ICA/Workspace App and VmwareView/Horizon View.
Justin Braun
Apprentice Software Development
Justin enriches the Rangee team as a prospective Softwaredeveloper. He started working for Rangee on 1st August 2020. He is supporting the development of new firmware features for Rangee Linux OS.
André Fischer
Apprentice Software Development
André enriches the Rangee team as a prospective Softwaredeveloper. He started working for Rangee on 1st August 2021. He will be overtaking new development task for Rangee Thin Cient Managment Server 2.0.