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Why Thin Clients?

Why Thin Clients?

A Thin Client infrastructure offers various advantages to companies: both acquisition and maintenance and energy costs are significantly reduced and the company's ecological balance is improved. The IT department is relieved because thin clients are administered centrally and thus any administrative tasks (updates, software installations, etc.) are carried out remotely. Thanks to the reduced hardware equipment - Thin Clients do not have any moving parts such as fans or hard disks, for example - they are much more fail-safe than conventional desktop PCs, but are now so powerful that local display of presentations, videos and even video conferences is possible without restrictions. The service life of the devices is also significantly longer.

Thin clients are particularly useful in the modern workplace because they increase security in the home office and fully support modern new work concepts such as free seating. The clients are primarily used to provide access to virtual work environments hosted on a central server for individual employees, who can log in from anywhere.

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