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Rangee OS


The Foundation on Which It All Rests.

RangeeOS is the Thin Client system which integrates perfectly into your environment. The OS carries out its daily
tasks with ease and efficiency, without attracting attention. Thanks to its slender hardware requirements, it is
suitable for all common PC systems. Make more out of your PC and indulge in the professional solution.

You won‘t need anything more, you don‘t want anything less.

- RangeeOS XL is a linuxbasiertes operating system
- RangeeOS can be used on any PC and Thin Client hardware
- Windows PC can be refurbished to full featured, administration-free thin client solutions
- Rangee OS contains lifetime cost-free softwareupdates and maintenance
- Rangee Thin Client Management Server (TCMS) can be nused für remote administration of Endpoints with RangeeOS XL

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