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Rangee OS


The special thing about Rangee ThinClients is the unique Linux operating system, which was specially designed and developed for use in thin clients.

The modular design of the RangeeLinux allows the operating system to add any number of additional software modules. So the basic structure, the firmware, consists of the actual operating system with the driver support for the ThinClient architecture.

The connection clients, such as RDP Remote Desktop or Citrix ICA, are software modules. They are simply added to the firmware as needed. This saves storage space and simplifies configuration, as only the modules that are really needed are installed.

It is just as easy to update the connection clients because they can be easily updated regardless of the firmware.

Software updates are included as long as the hardware meets the technical requirements.

Tips for installing RangeeOS can be found here.


The software consists of the firmware and all software modules that Rangee provides. Preinstalled are ICA, RDP, XDMCP and Firefox with plugins. All other modules can be preinstalled on request, but can also be installed later by the download server.