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Rangee Smartcard Login

Smartcard Login at Rangee Thin Client

The first login at the Thin Client is done with Rangee Smartcard Login and increases the security for the login at the Windows operating system.

A 2-factor authentication with signature card offers a new level of security: Only the person who owns the card and knows the PIN can log in. And if I use a card reader with a built-in keyboard, an attacker has no chance to capture my PIN.
Finding a secure password that meets complexity rules and is easy to remember is not easy. For simple authentication, the password should be changed at regular intervals. This is tedious, and after the vacation the last password is often forgotten. On the Rangee smart card, the credentials for the remote desktop session are stored in encrypted form.
The password cannot be forgotten or spied out.

By pulling out the smartcard, the current remote desktop session can be terminated (disconnected) and directly resumed (reconnected) after inserting the card. Especially in warehouse environments with manual shopping cart loading, bookings and scanning processes at terminal stations can be automated.

Rangee Smartcard Easylogin allows the use of complex passwords that are securely stored on the smartcard.

The Rangee Smartcard Login package includes 10 smartcards. Only pre-configured signature cards can be used for the Rangee Smartcard Login function. The Smartcard reader must be procured additionally, all commercial devices are supported.


Model variations

Partnumber Product Description
31913001 Rangee Smartcard Easylogin - 10 10 pcs Chipcard for Rangee Smartcardlogin
31913003 Rangee Smartcard Easylogin -1 1 pcs Chipcard for Rangee Smartcardlogin
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